Course curriculum

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    2. Course Overview

    3. Evangelization: Advancing The Gospel Through Families of Parishes

    4. Download: Evangelization in Families of Parishes

    5. The Urgent Necessity of Attracting Young Adults

    6. Download: Young Adult Ministry

    7. The Framework for Forming Families for Missions

    8. Download: A House Built On A Rock

    9. Ministry Placement: Sending Disciples on Mission

    10. Download: Ministry Placement

    11. RCIA In Families of Parishes

    12. Download: RCIA in Families of Parishes

    13. Download: RCIA Handbook

    14. Radical Hospitality for Families of Parishes

    15. Download: Ten Commandments of Parish Hospitality

    16. Download: Hospitality Handbook

    17. Ecumenism: Reaching Out To Our Brothers and Sisters In Christ

    18. Download: Ecumenism

    19. Communications: The Backbone of Engagement

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