The All Belong: Inclusion in Ministry video course aims to inspire the church community across the AOD to embrace and empower persons with disabilities to realize their full potential to know, love and serve the Lord, as well as achieve full membership and belonging in our faith community.

Course curriculum

    1. Complete Course Registration

    2. Welcome

    3. Detroit Model of Evangelization

    4. Download: Detroit Model of Evangelization

    5. Canon Law and Inclusion

    6. The Challenges We Face

    7. Download: Course Manual

    1. Inclusive Engagement

    2. The Do's and Don'ts of Inclusive Engagement

    3. Best Practices

    1. Encounter Introduction

    2. Special Needs Ministry In Action

    3. Building Relationships and Establishing Trust

    4. Student Testimony

    1. Grow Introduction

    2. Faith Formation Accommodations

    3. Tools and Resources

    4. Lesson Planning and Classroom Management

    5. Family Mentors and Small Groups

    1. Witness Introduction

    2. Charisms

    3. Inclusion In Parish Life

    1. A Sense of Belonging

    2. Final Thoughts

    3. A Call To Action

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